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Luna is struggling to find a place to fit in after moving to a new town. Everyone in school thinks she's weird, especially the girls. Luna considers herself shy.

Every night, little lights appear in Luna's bedroom — lights that she transforms into companions to play with until she falls asleep. The next day, she's always captivated trying to draw her nighttime friends. One .day, a girl with purple hair, arrived at her window and surprised her with a rare, mysterious book.

When she started to read this book, she finds herself pulled into a thrilling adventure beyond anything she has ever read! 

This imaginative fantasy show is exquisitely illustrated by acrobatics performances.  The Book of Dreams Is a thoughtful story that will prompt discussions about creativity, insecurity, and gaining control of your fears.


The Book f Dreams Offers an essential lesson in how skills like kindness, wisdom, and quick thinking are valuable complements to one's bravery in reaching your goals. In the end, Luna encourages the audience to follow your dreams.

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